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Npc trollmale cyberzombie.png
RaceTroll (cybernetic)
RoleExperimentation victim
That... that shouldn't be possible.

Nothing can be implanted with that much chrome and live.

~ Glory

MKVI Cyberzombie is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Almost every inch of the thing is covered in dull steel and gleaming chrome. Its mechanical arms end in articulated hands that wouldn't look out of place on an industrial machine... bulky, cumbersome things, designed for crushing power rather than finesse.

Clutched in one of those crushing hands, a chaingun glints with sinister purpose. The figure stands completely still, but its eyeless head fidgets in agitation. Something about it reminds you of a snake tasting the air.

Off to one side, the screen of a control console glows cheerfully in the gloom.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • The Cyberzombie is the prototype the client wants you to retrieve. Blitz instantly wants to pilot it, while Glory can provide a lot of useful information about its makeup, such as the quality of the chrome (high, but not milspec) or the drone control system connected directly to the brain stem. She will also discover an inhibitor chip, leading her to ask you to put the zombie out of its misery - as within the body exists a living being, still conscious.
  • It's an extremely capable killing machine (minigun + powerful melee axe). If you have a rigger plug in to control it, that rigger's Drone Combat bonuses will be applied.
  • At the bottom of the building, you will be faced with a choice. Refer to MKVI for more details.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]


This MKVI PROTOTYPE incorporates top-of-the-line cyberware from all AG CHEMIE EUROPA subsidiaries, including the ZEISS "DEADSIGHT" LASER DESIGNATOR, B.U.T. HEAVY INDUSTRIES "POWER-LIFT" INDUSTRIAL CYBERARMS, and the brand-new ZEISS "SENSE-SHELL" CYBERSKULL.

Where necessary, competitors' products have been incorporated into the platform (ARES DERMAL PLATING, UNIVERSAL OMNITECH MOVE-BY-WIRE, etc.).

These systems should be considered PLACEHOLDERS for this proof-of-concept PROTOTYPE.

The BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT of the MKVI was selected for size and durability by GENERAL GENETICS WORLDWIDE.

All autonomous functions necessary to maintain the BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT are original to the component itself, and should self-regulate within operational limits.

As a proof-of-concept demonstration model, the MKVI was designed for REMOTE OPERATION. A ZEISS "EYE-IN-THE-SKY" DRONE CONTROL SYSTEM has been incorporated into the MKVI's cyberskull.

COMMLINK control is also possible for casual control, but for product demonstration purposes, use of the drone control system is advised.

ARMAMENTS: The MKVI PROTOTYPE comes equipped with an ARES VANQUISHER VEHICULAR ROTARY CANNON to demonstrate the MKVI's actuated strength and recoil suppression capabilities.

The model is also equipped with a GLOBAL POLYMERS MONOFILAMENT AXE. For demonstration purposes, this weapon has been designed with a heft well beyond the lifting capacity of any unaugmented metahuman. The MKVI, of course, can swing it with ease.

LONG-TERM GOALS: In demonstrating the MKVI's combat capabilities, it is this office's hope that AG CHEMIE EUROPA'S newly-developed FORMULA 17 CYBERMANTIC REAGENT will prove its value to the Board of Directors, both as an astonishing technical achievement and as a lucrative new revenue stream for the Company.

- Albrecht Haushofer, Senior VP, Berlin Facility