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Cyberware is a catch-all term referring to artificial components that are installed into one's body to replace or enhance existing parts – to provide additional functionality, improve resilience, or generally make runners more skilled at what they do. Installing cyberware decreases Essence; Spellcasting, Chi Casting and Conjuring are therefore unsuited for extensive use of cyberware. Spirit Summoning, Totems and Spirit Control are not impacted by reduced essence.

Please note the Essence Hole rules.

  • See here for a list of cyberware in Shadow Returns.
  • See here for a list of cyberware in Dragonfall.
  • See here for a list of cyberware in Hong Kong.

Head[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Essence Cost Campaign
Pain Editor Bioware A cluster of specialized nervous tissue that filters out pain responses. +1 Willpower, -1 Intelligence 0 ?
Toxin Exhaler Bioware Injects a genetically tailored toxic sac above the larynx. Popular among assassins. Grants a close-range poison attack. 10 DMG, 4 ongoing. 0.5 ?
Cerebral Booster Bioware Introduces additional convolutions and gyri into the frontal lobes of the cerebellum, boosting intelligence by 1. 0.5 ?
Encephalon - A processor that boosts a user's knowledge-based skills. Adds +1 Intelligence. 1 ?
Encephalon NEXT - A bleeding-edge neural assistance processor. Adds +2 Intelligence. 1.5 ?

Arms[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Essence Cost Campaign
Silver Tech Cyberarm Basic Silver Tech's basic replacement limbs that add +6 HP. 1.5 All
Yamatetsu Cyberarm Alpha Yamatetsu's alpha cyberlimbs are flesh friendly replacements. Adds +1 Strength and +5 HP. 1 All
Auto-Injector (Bliss) - When triggered, incoming DMG reduced by 3 and Strength reduced by 1 for 4 RNDS of combat. 0.5 Dragonfall
Auto-Injector (Hyper) - When triggered, accuracy is increased by 6% and incoming DMG is increased by 3 for 3 rounds of combat. 0.5 Dragonfall
Muscle Augmentation Bioware Braids flourinated polymers into existing muscle tissue to increase physical performance. +1 Quickness, +1 Strength. 1 ?

Body[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Essence Cost Campaign
Ares Dermal Plating Basic Ares' basic dermal armor implants. Adds +2 Armor. 1.5 All
Ares Dermal Plating Alpha Ares' unique hi-tech dermal armor plating implants. Adds +2 Armor & +1 Body. 1 All
Shiawase Bone Lacing Plastic Shiawase's process covers your bones with hard plastic. Adds +1 Body. 2 All
Shiawase Bone Lacing Kevlar Shiawase's hi-tech alpha bone lacing uses a Kevlar coating. Adds +1 Body and +1 Strength. 1.5 All
Wired Reflexes With Reflex Trigger - Movement +1. When triggered, you will dodge the first attack against you each turn for three rounds. 2 All
Synthacardium Mk I Bioware Boosts heart function. +1 to Dodge and Throwing Weapons. 0.5 Dragonfall
Synthacardium Mk II Bioware Boosts heart function. Adds +1 to Dodge and Throwing Weapons, and +1 to Movement. 0.5 Dragonfall
Tailored Pheromones Bioware Influences others subconsciously, granting the user a subtle edge. Adds +1 Charisma. 0.5 Dragonfall
Orthoskin Bioware Weaves graphs of synthagen, an energy-diffusing material, under the skin. Adds +1 armor. 0.3 ?
Platelet Factory Bioware Increase thrombocyte production to a high level, lessening trauma from recent wounds. 0.5 ?
Adrenal Contractor - When triggered, gain +1 AP but take an additional 2 DMG from attacks. Lasts 3 RNDS of combat. 0 Dragonfall

Datajack[edit | edit source]

Name Description Essence Cost Campaign
Datajack A requirement for Riggers, Deckers, and those that want to use a smartlink weapon. 0.5 All
Encephalon Enh. Datajack A processor that boosts a user's knowledge-based skills, combined with a standard datajack I/O system. Adds +1 Intelligence. 1 Dragonfall
Eye Datajack A datajack concealed inside of a cybereye. A favorite of spies and infiltrators. 0.5 ?
Induction Datajack Useful for Deckers and Riggers who don't want to sacrifice valuable headware space. 0.3 ?

Eyes[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Essence Cost Campaign
Vision Magnification Basic Renraku's basic cybereye replacements extend and enhance your vision. Adds +3% to hit. 1 All
Vision Magnification Alpha Renraku's state of the art alpha cybereye with magnification enhancement. Adds +6% to hit. 0.5 All
BrightLight System - High-energy flashbulbs hidden in a cybereye. Capable of temporarily blinding an opponent. 0.5 Dragonfall
Laser Designator - An eye-mounted laser that can designate a target, making it easier to hit in combat. 0.5 Dragonfall

Legs[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Essence Cost Campaign
Aztechnology Cyberleg Basic Basic yet powerful machine replacement for your leg. Adds +8 HP and +1 Quickness. 2 All
Universal Omnitech Cyberleg Alpha Alpha level cyberlegs made by Universal Omnitech. Adds +8 HP, +1 to Quickness and Dodge. 2 All
Hydraulic Jack - Increases run speed for short bursts, allowing the user to spring forward rapidly (+3 Movement). 1 Dragonfall
Enhanced Articulation Bioware Coats and lubricates joint surfaces of the legs to provide extreme fluidity of motion. +1 Dodge, +1 Quickness. 0.5 ?