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Portrait Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Your portrait should be a 212 pixels by 278 pixels.
  • Your portrait should be a png, but transparency is ignored.
  • Your portrait name should contain no spaces, however _ is accepted.

Instructions for adding portraits into your UGC[edit | edit source]

  1. Create a content pack
  2. Locally publish your content pack and close the Editor
  3. Locate your locally published content pack: [ContentPack]
  4. Place your custom portrait into [ContentPack]\art\portraits. (If you intend to use the portraits only for NPCs, this should suffice)
  5. Create two text documents under [ContentPack]\data\portraits
    2. ContentPack.pcode.txt
  6. Open the Editor to your content pack and republish your content pack locally.
  7. Open the Shadowrun client and test your new portrait in character creation (located in your UGC only).

pl.txt explained[edit | edit source]

  • This contains data for what race/gender is able to select this portrait
  • A new entry is needed for each race/gender that uses your portrait.

Below is the formatting for the pl.txt file.

entries { value: “PortraitName” race: Race_(race of choice: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Ork, Troll) gender: Gender_(gender of choice: Male, Female) }

Example: Provided that npc_trollfemale_eiger.png and pc_humanfemale_30a_custom.png are in the art/portraits folder, this file in the data/portraits folder will add Eiger's portrait and another custom portrait to the list:

entries { value: "npc_trollfemale_eiger" race: Race_Troll gender: Gender_Female }

entries { value: "pc_humanfemale_30a_custom" race: Race_Human gender: Gender_Female }

pcode.txt explained[edit | edit source]

  • An entry contains the portrait code used for default look of character
  • Only the first entry is used.

Below is the formatting for the pcode.txt file.

entries { portrait: “PortraitName” code: “PORTRAITCODEHERE” }

Check how character codes work here

Example: this is the Test01.pcode.txt file for adding Eiger's portrait and some other female human portrait to the list. Code can be left empty as "" if a pre-defined appearance does not matter:

entries { portrait: "npc_trollfemale_eiger" code: "" }

entries { portrait: "pc_humanfemale_30a_custom" code: "s5h6c5b0t0" }

Removing Portraits available for Character Creation[edit | edit source]

You might want to remove some portraits available for players to pick upon character creation, especially if you're using some of those original portraits for NPCs in your story and don't want players to look like their twins. Check here.