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Conversation Speakers is a new window that allows you to pre-define speakers for the conversations in your content pack. This tool can be accessed by selecting Edit -> Edit Conversation Speakers.

Creating a New Speaker[edit | edit source]

Upon opening the Conversation Speakers tool, you'll be presented with an empty window if this is your first time here. Select IconAdd.PNG to add a new speaker. The window will populate with a blank form defining the properties of the new speaker.

Property Definition
Comment Defines a comment about the Actor for the creator's reference
Actor Name Defines the speaker's common name or street name
First Name Defines the speaker's first name
Last Name Defines the speaker's last name
Portrait Defines the portrait that appears when conversing with this speaker
Race Defines the race of the speaker
Gender Defines the gender of the speaker
Content Pack this entry is from Automatically populated with the Content Pack the speaker is from

Using a Conversation Speaker[edit | edit source]

Once you've created a speaker confirm and save the conversation speakers window. If you haven't already, create a new conversation and open the conversation editor. The new speaker can be assigned from two different locations:

Default Speaker for Conversation[edit | edit source]

From this drop down menu, the selected speaker will become the default speaker for all the speaker nodes.

Speaker for Node[edit | edit source]

From this drop down menu, the selected speaker will become the speaker for the currently selected node.