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Visual Map (from Shadowrun Returns)[edit | edit source]

Visual map of keyboard controls for Shadowrun Returns and its sequels.

Camera[edit | edit source]

W A S D Camera movement
Z Cycle Zoom levels
MouseWheel Zooms camera in and out
F8 Cycle through different resolutions

Combat[edit | edit source]

#1-9 Activate weapon ability such as aim, burst, auto


Cycles active player


Cycles weapon slots
Shift+Enter Ends turn
Q Open spell book
E Open backpack (equipment)
T Activate totem ability
R Open reload dialog

Confirm reload

Freemode[edit | edit source]

F5 Quick save
F9 Quick load
Esc Opens PDA
C Opens PDA to Character
G Opens PDA to Gear
Hold Alt Show all interactable prop icons

Conversation[edit | edit source]

#1-9 Select conversation choice 1 through 9


Advance conversation [...]

Debug[edit | edit source]

Ctrl + F1

Alt + F1 Alt + ~ Ctrl + Alt + ~ Alt + Ö Ctrl + Alt + Ö

Open Debug Mode

Alternative commands for keyboard layouts with extended Latin 

(Debug) + Ctrl U Toggle UI
(Debug) + Ctrl M Toggle Zoom Constraint
(Debug) + Ctrl W Warp
(Debug) + Ctrl A Analyze
(Debug) + Ctrl K Kill
(Debug) + Ctrl G Fog of War

see also: Level Editor Controls

Android Games[edit | edit source]

Unofficial: Android versions of Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall support the debug console. To enter the console press Alt+F1 (via OTG-cable + keyboard hardware or use an keyboard app like "hackers keyboard")