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Content Packs[edit | edit source]

Content Packs are the way that the Editor organizes both the raw art assets and data for the game but also all the story-specific data for a campaign story.

A Content Pack might contain:

  • A Story: the Map and Scene files, Conversations, and Quest Items that the story needs -- example: a player created Story
  • Custom Art / Data: only the art assets, items, portraits and characters can be referenced by other Content Packs -- examples: the Seattle content pack or the Berlin content pack
  • Both a Story and Custom Art / Data: the list above plus some unique art assets, items, portraits and characters. -- example: the Seattle campaign: Dead Man's Switch

Creating a Content Pack[edit | edit source]

In order to make a new Story a designer must first create a Content Pack:

  1. Click File -> Select "New Content Pack"

This will bring up a window in which the designer will be asked to name their content pack, identify the author, and add a brief description.

Creating a New Content Pack - Naming and Descriptions.PNG

The designer will then be asked to choose the dependencies for the new content pack from a list of available content packs. Depending on your version this would include:

As soon as you create a Content Pack of your own, it will be listed here although it likely won't contain any assets that you need to be dependent on.

Creating a New Content Pack - Choosing Your Dependencies.PNG

Finally, the designer will be asked to check their work before saving.

Creating a New Content Pack - Checking Your Work.PNG

Working Copy VS. Published Copy[edit | edit source]

The content pack created is considered your working copy at this point. The files are saved in a text format and can only be run/tested from the editor.

When you have completed your content pack or want to test it from in-game, it is time to Publish it. The published copy is a compressed version of your content pack stored in .byte files. This version of your content pack will be visible from the content menu of the game client and even shared with other users!