Altug Burakgazi

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Altug Burakgazi
Npc humanmale altug.png
RoleSpymaster and coffee brewer.
LocationCafe Cezve

Altug is a the proprietor of Cafe Cezve in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

A member of the Turkish population of the Flux State, Altug is a business partner of Paul Amsel, providing him with intel - and delicious coffee. He deliberately set up a coffee shop and plays to Turkish stereotypes in order to blend in and mask his role as the local spymaster. He controls an extensive network of taps allowing him to listen in on to pretty much anyone in the neighborhood.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Apart from retrieving information from Altug, your shadowrunner can opt for a cup of black soykaf (to which Altug reacts with disgust) - or listen to his story of real Turkish coffee and buy a cup for 50 nuyen. The Turkish coffee will be useful for a barter trade to get a DVD player...
  • Make sure to report to him about the phone tap at the data buffer near the phone booth. Doing this is worth 1 karma point after the situation is dealt with (following The Drug Pit run).
  • You can talk to him about the deal with Quorin, about using his data taps in exchange for the thieves leaving Kreuzbasar alone.
  • During MKVI, you can pick up a bottle of liquor. The cheap booze goes for ¥10, but if you have Etiquette Socialite, you can pick up a bottle of expensive scotch and sell it to him for ¥400 (¥500 with Charisma 4).