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There are seventeen great dragons in the world today. Seventeen ancient wyrms, millennia old, slowly dividing the planet into seventeen piles of gold to nest upon.

In front of our eyes. Once upon a time, they burned castles to steal the treasure we collected. Laid waste to entire armies. But here, here in the Sixth World, it is no longer about tooth and claw and fiery breath. Now it's public relations. Marketing. Mergers and acquisitions. You see it every day. Dragons on the trideo in the board rooms. They gather influence, wealth, power, continually hoarding, hoarding, until one of them sits atop it all.

Perhaps not in this cycle of the world. Perhaps not the next. But one day, one wyrm will stand alone - triumphant. With all of humanity as its cattle. With all the world as its prize.

And that... That I will *not* allow.

Adrian Vauclair
Npc humanmale vauclair.png
FamilyGreen Winters (brother)

Adrian Vauclair is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

The architect of the victory against Feuerschwinge in 2012, Vauclair is a talented scientist knowledgeable in a broad variety of disciplines and the one-time CEO of Diehl Defense. While he did help defeat Feuerschwinge, he was not convinced that the dragon was dead and devoted his life to searching for her. In 2034, he finally gained proof that confirmed his suspicions. He took a team into the SOX - and disappeared without a trace. His brother, Herman, would continue to look for him for 20 long years.

As it turns out, the Luftwaffe did not shoot the dragon down. Vauclair's experimental warhead did, and only because it separated the dragon's body from her astral form, resulting in her being technically alive and Vauclair devoting his life to pursuing her and finding a permanent solution. However, after he contracted leukemia in the SOX, he has turned his priorities around, creating the Panacea project that would seek to destroy all dragons through a modified Doom attack virus. But to achieve that, to release the virus, he needs to scorch the Flux State using the physical shell of Feuerschwinge.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Vauclair turns out to be the ultimate antagonist of the game. You encounter him during Panacea and can have quite a revealing, enlightening chat. With Intelligence 7 and biotech 5, you can point out the flaw in his plan quite elegantly and then continue driving home the point that Panacea has flaws. Otherwise, you need to carefully weave your way through the dialogue trees to undermine his confidence. This requires that you've watched all of Green Winters' recordings and read the terminals in the facility. Don't antagonize or insult him, remain calm and rational - then drive home the fact that his brother would not support this.
  • Vauclair will abandon his plan - and when Audran comes, he will announce his decision. Talking down Vauclair is also the prerequisite to have greater interactions with Audran after the final fight.
  • In the alternate ending, Adrian triumphs, only to realise that there are things worse than dragons out there...
  • Vauclair almost fit perfectly the description Hans Brackhaus gives of people who cannot understand the motives of dragons.